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viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010


"Now i can hardly remember her face."

Today i realised two important things in my life.
One) I dont know why i was her friend. The phrase at the start of my blog its really true. Now i can hardly recognise her. She is now .... how can i say? ... A horrible person.
Two) The chewing-gum of fruits its fantastic! Haha
Not, not really. The second things is that maybe i want to go to England. I want it a lot, maybe more than summer or whatever.
And today im so happy because all my letters arrived to USA, Switzerland and Kosovo :)

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  1. 1- la gente cambia inevitablemente...
    2 - yo quiero que llegue ya el verano para ir a londres de nuevo ! :)
    3 - cartas a USA, switzerland y kosovo? penfrieds?