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I love writing handwritten letters, I have a strange smile, I dance in the rain and I love recklessly. I love having pen friends, so come on :)

martes, 29 de junio de 2010

Summer time

Finally summer, well, saying it better... finally no school again hahaha
Im going to Italy and to Barcelona in a few days, so I will upload maybe some pics there, or maybe when I come back!
I have a shoot in Barcelona, and Im so nervous!!
And here are some photos of the shoot I made in Ciudad Real, there are a lot, but I havent got all the pics! xx

lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

A total eclipse of the heart.

Now, I totally agree with that song that say:

" Once upon a time I was falling in love

But now I'm only falling apart

There's nothing I can do

A total eclipse of the heart "

And now im completely obsessed with Glee, anyone knows that serie?

viernes, 2 de abril de 2010

¿Wanna Rock?

Great shoppind day. So much money in my pocket, and I really spend it all. Awww, great day (again, again and again)


lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010

Andalucia we LOVE you

Im back, finally!
Just a few pics of my travel:
At Mérida, visiting old roman monuments.

At the bus with Roberto. We were so bored!

At Starbucks. Yummy!

Sleeping at the bus. Eurghhhh I missed my bed.

At Cordoba with Carmen. Tipical flowers in our hair.

domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010

The sun will shine

After a few days with A LOT of rain, the sun is again here. It isnt hot, but its sun anyways.

Only 3 days to my school trip. Im so EXCITED!

I have to do a list of things I have to take, any ideas?


miércoles, 10 de marzo de 2010

We have changed

We were little fucking girls , but things happen, and now we are all women. Time is gone, huh? I love watching them one summer yes and one not.
By the way, I'm really full of exams, but accurate in 8 days I go on holiday with school! Can not wait!

domingo, 7 de marzo de 2010

Daddy´s little girl.

"And you've got a smile that could light up this whole town"

Just talking with my cousin. I really love her, but she lives so far, so i miss her.
And by the way, who wants to do an exchange with me? Better if she (because it must be a girl haha) lives in UK or USA. Then she can come here :P
It would be awesome!

viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010


"Now i can hardly remember her face."

Today i realised two important things in my life.
One) I dont know why i was her friend. The phrase at the start of my blog its really true. Now i can hardly recognise her. She is now .... how can i say? ... A horrible person.
Two) The chewing-gum of fruits its fantastic! Haha
Not, not really. The second things is that maybe i want to go to England. I want it a lot, maybe more than summer or whatever.
And today im so happy because all my letters arrived to USA, Switzerland and Kosovo :)

martes, 2 de marzo de 2010

Look at the bottom

I just put some of my videos at the bottom. There are two personal, and then some of my favourite music videos.
I been doing a school work all the day. Its horrible, 42 pages.
I miss summer, i want it so much.

lunes, 1 de marzo de 2010


"Ha, I'm definitely falling for you. Even though you're like the girl from The Orphan"

Picture from a Xmas party. Wearing my favourite Chuck Bass shirt and with my favourite friends. Whats else i can want?

What can i say about me?

About me? Just a normal girl, I love Starbucks, messed hair, charity shops, old dirty converse, boys in cardigans, fluffy cats and London.
Tell me, what about you?